In making art, I attempt to view the world with a dual perception. A perception which joins naive understanding of the immediate world to a complex imagination. Because of this duality my work moves easily between objective and non-objective imagery.

When I make art I am often an observer, not knowing what will happen next. I'm active as the maker but the art itself is super-active and the work is exciting. I let my marks nad application of color take their energy from each other. As content emerges from the developing work, I apply myself to the expressive part of the process aware of the dynamics between form and emotion. While I may have an initial idea of what I want to create at any given time, the finished work always exhibits a life beyond my vague preconceptions.

The essential element I strive for is to make works of art which are beautiful. As a man, I am constantly responding to the challenges of life. As an artist, I aspire to represent those challenges in a provocative yet beautiful manner. As a man, I often fail to make profound or beautiful works of art. As an artist, I am compelled to keep trying.